There’s no other way to put it: Windows Phone 8.1 is jam-packed with new features. Some of these new additions, like the new notification center, are features that both critics and fans of Windows Phone have been clamoring for.

Cortana, the new personal assistant, is a fierce new competitor of Siri, Apple’s popular digital secretary and Android’s Google Now.

Improvements to existing features, like an updated store, independent volume controls, and improved YouTube experience, are sure to pacify some of the critics. Throw in some cool new stuff like a swipe keyboard and now we’re cooking with gas.

Sure, those of us who already know and love Windows Phone are excited and are poised to love it even more. However, what about the critics, or more so, the everyday consumer who is looking for a smartphone?

Are all of these improvements enough to put it on par with iOS and Android in the arena of public opinion? Or is Windows Phone still lacking something major that is going to keep it behind?

Not yet familiar with the features of Windows Phone 8.1? Check out our hands-on video. Then, weigh in with your thoughts over in this thread, started by user 'canonuevo' as there's some exciting back and forths going on..