Last week, I pretty much recommended that you not go out and buy the upcoming Alcatel Idol 4 Pro with Windows 10 Mobile. Of course, I also mention that if you are one of the few people left out there who simple don't want to use any other mobile platform, the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro is a great buy.

I'm curious however, how many people are there out there who fall into this category? I want to know if you're going to buy another Windows phone in 2017 considering the current situation the Windows 10 Mobile platform is in right now.

We simply don't know if Windows 10 Mobile has a future at this point. We don't know if existing handsets will get upgrades to whatever Microsoft is planning for its next attempt at Windows phone, and as far as we can tell there are no new features in the works for Windows phones right now.


Hi there, I`ve been using a WP8.1 for years and side by side with an Asus Zenfone running Android, I much prefer it. Problem is - I notice many providers are removing their apps from the Windows Store. Bloomberg, Ebay, Caledos and others which I use almost daily, are either not there or left unupdated and some don`t work well. So, does it make sense to purchase another such phone in a...


Over on our forums, our community members are discussing this exact topic. Is it worthy buying another Windows phone in 2017? I want to know what you think, so make sure you partake in our forums and let us know!

Is it worth going for another Windows Phone or is it dead?