Are you one who still drives with holding your cell phone to your ear? Do you still pick up your phone to dial a number while driving? If so, depending on where you are, then you may be a hardened criminal or may soon become one! Mandatory hands free cell phone use laws have already been established in several states (Washington, D.C., New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) with several states following suite. Now California and Washington state are going to join the growing ranks and have a mandatory hands free cell phone law taking effect on July 1...mark it on your calendar. Oregon is soon to follow this trend. There are several states that will probably have similar laws coming in the next year or so as well. Anyone willing to enter a pool on when this might become a federal law?

A study released on Monday claims that over 300 lives will be saved in California alone after this law takes effect. But studies of this kind have ranged all the way across the board from no effect at all, to only increasing lives saved during bad driving conditions, to saving thousands of lives yearly.

This MSNBC article also made an interesting point with the opposition against this law from the cell phone providers. That even though every wireless provider "published brochures for their customers that said don