Thanks to the magic of XNA, another Xbox 360 Indie game has come to Windows Phone! Joining Square Off and Murphid is Armor Valley from Protégé Productions.

Armor Valley is a unique blend of aerial combat simulator and real-time strategy. The player and the enemy each have a base where units are produced. The twist is that players directly control a plane (called the Silverhawk) and participate in the action first hand. The enemy has a plane too, so you have both aerial and ground units to deal with. A virtual analog stick controls the craft’s movement while tilting the phone moves the camera.

Having played the Windows Phone version for a while, I came away impressed with Armor Valley’s 3D graphics. The controls take some getting used to though. Hitting enemies is particularly difficult thanks to their tiny hitboxes. Hopefully Protégé tweaks those a bit and adds some aim assist in a future update. Difficulty aside, Armor Valley is unlike anything else on Windows Phone and a nice addition to the indie gaming lineup.

Armor Valley costs $3.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.