Music on Windows 10 Mobile

Last week, the Music app for Windows 10 desktop picked up an update. With it came the 'artists in circles' feature where images of bands shifted from the square design to a circle-based one. The change was first spotted back in May and it is now becoming a reality.For some, the move is unwelcome, but Microsoft has taken a strong line on this consistent approach in Windows 10: people will have circular images, 'things' get squares.

Music on Windows 10 Mobile

Today, Music for Windows 10 Mobile has also been updated to reflect this change. Version 3.6.1121 is available through the Store and there are a few improvements, including:

  • See more music at once – the filters and sorts hide while you browse your music
  • Artists now appear in circles so it's easier to tell them from albums and playlists
  • Minor fixes and improvements

To get the update, you can wait to grab it automatically, or you can search for 'Music' and try to download the app again (this can force the update). Oddly, the artists on Windows 10 Mobile are circles within squares, which is different from Windows 10 desktop. It is unclear if this is just a temporary glitch or a design choice. It should also be noted that you may need to reboot the phone, sign in again to Xbox Music and let the cache rebuild for artists images.

Music on Windows 10 desktop

So where do I come down on the squares versus circles (faux) controversy? I like them! We have too many squares in Windows, and it gets monotonous.

For those not on Windows 10 Mobile here are a few screenshots to see how this app is coming along. At least according to some in our forums 'Windows 10 Mobile MUSIC APP is AMAZING'. So there is a fun thread to jump in if you want to debate the matter.

Thanks, @sedp23, for the tip!