We received an email asking about importing contacts, photos, and documents that are stored on a SIM card. Mike writes that he's using a Samsung Jack and wants to move to the LG Quantum.

My contacts are all on my sim card. My email and calendar are gmail/google, so that's not a concern. I have a windows live ID (xbox gaming) but not a hotmail email address. The stuff I'm concerned about transferring over are my sim card info (contacts), storage card info (mostly documents), text messages, videos, and photos.

For the photos, videos and documents our suggestion is to sync the Samsung Jack with your computer and then transfer the photos and videos through your Zune software. The easiest way to transfer the documents is via email or you could use Sharepoint or try this method.

The contacts is the simplest item on the SIM to transfer. After you plug in your SIM and get your Windows Phone 7 up and running, go into the Settings Menu. Swipe over to the Applications Page and down to the "People" settings. Here you will find a button labeled "import SIM contacts".

Thanks goes out to Mike for emailing us this question. If you have any questions about Windows Phone 7, feel free to send them to us via our contact form.