It's been a year – literally – since I last did an #AskDanWindows video mostly due to shifting logistics. Nonetheless, for our 2017 resolution, I'm aiming to bring them pack at least once or twice a month where we can.

We recorded this one pre-CES and now have had a chance to edit it up. In case you missed the original run of the series I field questions from you and respond to them in video form. Pretty simple concept, but I know many of you enjoyed the format.

Without further ado, here is Episode 19!

  • When Redstone 3 rolls out with the "ultimate mobile device" will it have a new shell for phones, tablets? - @HTML5CSS3ES6

  • Do you think Surface will replace all hardware divisions at Microsoft? @JDSCavella

  • Do you think HP will make another Windows phone when full Windows 10 comes to phones as revealed recently? @silverfoxxx1

  • Will be there a new non-Pro version of the next Surface revision or is the Surface3 the last affordable one? @Schnittgemuese

  • What are the three things in tech that you see most potential right now (Ex. AR)? @Fanoftech4life

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question and as always, thanks for watching!

New email!

Don't use Twitter? Well after much feedback we are happy to announce you can forward your questions to to submit your requests!

About that office…

For those of you wondering about our office, we did our full office tour a few months ago. You can find that article here including our equipment listing or watch the video below!

Missed previous episodes? You may be surprised what I have revealed. You can find previous episodes of #AskDanWindows here on the main landing page.