We're back for another new episode of #AskDanWindows. This week I answer whether the staff here still use Windows phones, how long Microsoft will continue using "Redstone" as a codename, and what is the most affordable gaming laptop with good graphics.

All that and more!

Let's get to this week's big questions!

  • What is the best laptop right now at a reasonable price + good graphics? - @Cinemophile_MU

  • In light of the decline of Windows 10 Mobile has the Windows Central staff also switched to iPhones and Android phones? @cestnoelito

  • Do you think Desktop apps (Win32) will be dead in the future on Windows 10? @eashwarramesh

  • Is Microsoft getting rid of the registry in Windows 10? @FMUKBIL27

  • Should I get the Dell XPS 13 or Razer Blade Stealth for light gaming and video editing? @PawPrintAndrew

  • Do you think Microsoft will keep using codename "Redstone" and for how long? @ToonWk

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