I am just over a week late, but it is time for another episode of #AskDanWindows where I try to answer a few of your questions from Twitter! We have been swamped this last week with Windows 10 coverage and if you missed my massive 10,000-word review, well now know what Mark Guim (videographer, producer) and I were busy with!

To make up for the missed week, I am fielding a few extra questions so this episode has a bit more content to it. Let's get to the questions!

#AskDanWindows Episode 4 Questions of the Week

  • When will extension support be added to Microsoft Edge? - ‏@bemiquel
  • Do you think having higher-end specs in the "950 XL" is a good strategy? Why not make them both the same? - @Cbpenn16
  • Hey Daniel. What are your thoughts on Cityman using a SD810, given the heating problems (even in recent revs)? - ‏@Jbergounhoux
  • When can we expect WIN10 Mobile with Intel? What is differences/benefits between it & upcoming versions? Will it be Surface? - @talreyami
  • Do you think Panos (Panay) should scrap all Nokia phone designs and start new with windows phones? - @noelitaux
  • Circle contacts or square contacts? And why. @noelitaux
  • Is Cortana for Android a silly move by Microsoft while WP has no plus point except Cortana? - @sarimchishti

That does it for this week! Once again, thank you for all your questions and if I did not answer yours, keep trying by using #AskDanWindows on Twitter and maybe I can get it next time.

You can find previous episodes of #AskDanWindows here on the main landing page.