It is another weekend so time for another #AskDanWindows video where I try to answer a few of your questions from Twitter! This week was another huge one for Microsoft and Windows 10, and we have been busy detailing the OS left and right with many help and how-to articles.

This week on AskDanWindows we touch on many topics, including the expected Surface Pro 4, privacy concerns in Windows 10, and why Microsoft does not pay companies to bring their apps to Windows Phone. ‏

#AskDanWindows Episode 5 Questions of the Week

  • The new Twitter is not available on the phone? Do you think others will follow and release only for PC or vice versa? - @Sr_Wazowski
  • Microsoft is a billion a year company so why don't they pay developers to bring their apps (Periscope, Snapchat)? - @Nitaino
  • What can we expect from the Surface Pro 4? - @TiagoJoseMC
  • What's your perspective on Windows 10's Privacy Concerns? - @GoodThings2Life
  • Do you think Microsoft hasn't marketed Windows Phone enough?- @chirag_atrey

That does it for this week! Once again, thank you for all your questions and if I did not answer yours, keep trying by using #AskDanWindows on Twitter and maybe I can get it next time.

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