It is the end of the week so time for another #AskDanWindows video where I try to answer a few of your questions from Twitter! This week was another huge one for Microsoft and Windows 10, including that release of Windows 10 Mobile.

Let's jump into and get to your questions!

#AskDanWindows Episode 6 Questions of the Week

  • What's your thoughts on the Project Astoria leak? - @Aakash006sharma // Will allowing enthusiasts & modders to sideload be good for the platform, since most consumers won't know it's an option? - @themaestrod
  • So it's possible to install Google services on W10 Mobile. Do you think Microsoft left this "backdoor" for modders etc.? - ‏@hntngprty
  • Do you know if there is plans for the swipe gestures from IE to move over to the Edge browser when using tablet mode. - @Joemdee
  • It was said #windows10 would run in all devices. Then why there is windows10 mobile? - @jxgeoffrey
  • Why wouldn't Microsoft release Cortana (and other services) in English for the whole world? - @nikan87
  • Will continuum work on ANY WP8.1 devices, like the 640XL? - @kwicktech

That does it for this week! Once again, thank you for all your questions and if I did not answer yours, keep trying by using #AskDanWindows on Twitter and maybe I can get it next time.

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