Leda Entertainment has released to interesting Windows Phone gaming apps over at the Marketplace, AstroSwag and InterSceptre.

AstroSwag is described as a space salvage action game for your Windows Phone. The game features twenty levels of game play, two game modes (Survival and Challenge), un-lockable content and a companion website where you can post your progress and compare it with other players. The premise is that you control (controls line the bottom of the screen) a salvage ship that collect space items that are launched against enemy drones. The Survival Mode has you trying to survive the various rounds to rack up the highest, cumulative score. The Challenge Mode allows you to replay the individual rounds to improve your score within that particular round/level.

InterSceptre is an arcade game that is described as a blend of Pong and Breakout. You face a computer opponent with the goal of making a hole in the computer's wall and get a shot off the screen. You chip away at your opponents wall by bouncing a ball into the bricks (much like you would do with breakout). You can block shots from the computer with your paddle (much like you would do with Pong) to protect your wall. There are obstacles within the various levels of play along with black and white holes that cause shots to curve across the screen or warp from one point to another. To make things challenging, as you win each round, you lose a line of bricks to your opponent.

There is a free trial version available for AstroSwag with the full version running $1.29. There isn't a trial version for InterSceptre with the full version running $1.29. AstroSwag can be found here (opens Zune) and InterSceptre here at the Marketplace.