Not that we'll see this device in the U.S. officially anytime soon but here are some of the first live shots of the Nokia-esque Asus M930i, an interesting entry into the competitive WM6 Standard world. The features on the device aren't too shabby and while the design is certainly...interesting. Well, at least Asus is trying something different from the likes of HTC and Palm.

Check out the specs, a first opinion and some comparison shots (Treo 680 + iPod Touch) after the jump...

Of note is the bump to a quad-band for this fella as it was earlier reported to only be tri-band, so if you wants it here in the States, feel free to import. Also, looks like the camera, processor and memory were bumped downward. Dream high, shoot low.

  • Dual Display (2.6' & 2.0")
  • HSDPA (3.6 Mbps)/EDGE
  • 450mhz
  • WM6 Standard
  • 256mb Storage + 64mb RAM + microSD
  • Wifi
  • BT 2.0
  • Full KB
  • 2MP camera

But what is up with the 64mb of DDR RAM? Sure, reports on the DDR update to WM RAM has been positive (it's faster) but 64mb for WM6, even the Standard, is quite weak. And how does the device fair? Well according to Tam who had a hands-on:

From an usability standpoint, I dare to question the tradeoffs made in the M930i