ASUS recently published the company's financial results for 2015, which also contained a forecast as to what the plan is for 2016. Among various list entries was a Surface-like 2-in-1 Windows PC, as well as hints at virtual and augmented reality hitting an Android-powered smartphone. This mysterious ASUS device certainly resembles that of Microsoft's Surface, with the slim design, stand and even the magnetic keyboard-cover combo.

Unfortunately, the image provided in the report isn't quite up to scratch for us to really dive in and analyze what ASUS plans to bring to the market. That said, I'm excited simply because ASUS makes great hardware, though we'll have to hold out until later this year, with the possibility of seeing something at Computex. Would you be interested in a similar 2-in-1 from ASUS that takes cues from the Surface?

Source: Notebook Italy