We're not sure how to take this and perhaps this one of those that Garm-Asus could 'walk back', but evidently Steven Tu, marketing manager at ASUSTeK South Africa, said in regards to that "mystery" Asus device we saw awhile back:

As always, Garmin-Asus seeks the best for our consumers either on Android platform or on Windows platform. However, we see the potential of Android platform devices, so we are focusing on Android platform currently,

Sounds like Asus is stepping back a bit from deploying its wares for Windows Phone 7, which is even more evident since they were completely absent from New York City on October 11th. This also backs up news from yesterday about Garmin-Asus splitting up. It will be curious to see if Asustek corporate responds to this or clarifies the matter. 

In brighter and related news, South Africa is expected to get Windows Phone 7 devices in time for the "December holidays", according to Microsoft SA. No word on which devices though.

Update: Sure enough, Asus has sort of confirmed the above/what we already know. In an interview with Forbes Jonney Shih, the Chairman of the Taiwan-based electronics maker, says: “Regarding Windows Phone 7, we haven’t yet decided yet we would like to do”. He also adds they will introduce a device sometime in 2011 under the Asus name.

Source: MyBroadband.co.za