Looks like that secret Asus device featuring Windows Phone 7 that appeared awhile ago is rearing its brushed-metal slabbiness again. Moreover, at around 6:40 in the video (featured after the break) you can clearly see an AT&T logo under the Marketplace.

Assuming this is accurate, AT&T will evidently have a whopping five phones with Microsoft's new OS, living up to their WP7 'premier carrier' title. (And we haven't even heard from Dell yet.)

The video was recorded at Gnomedex 10 and features Larry Lieberman (LinkedIn profile), project manager for the application platform of Windows Phone 7, who proceeds to take us through the usual WP7 tour of features.

In that sense, not too much is revealed. The usual "by Christmas time" release date is mentioned as well as the infamous "reboot" of the whole mobile OS program when Microsoft switched from 'Photon' and the old model to 'Metro' and the Zune paradigm. What's impressive about that is Microsoft has done all we have see so far in just 20 months, which isn't too shabby for the lumbering giant, especially when compared to the "evolution" of Windows Mobile.

Check out the video after the break!

[Thanks, Brian H., for the tip!]