Atmosphere Weather

Atmosphere Weather is one of a handful of top weather apps for Windows Phone that many of you enjoy. Although not much has happened in the few weeks since we introduced it, much work is occurring in the background.

Today, developer Kevin Smith is releasing version 1.3 of the stylish and Modern weather app, and it has with it a hefty and noteworthy changelog. Let's see what's new.

Atmosphere Weather

Atmosphere Weather 1.3

  • Two new themes, including light and "Atmosphere Blue".
  • New settings menu
  • Generally more modern, refined UI throughout the app
  • New storm tracking features (US Only, Full version only): Bearing of nearest storm; Distance of nearest storm from current location
  • Weather alerts
  • When there is an alert in affect, tap the notification circle with the app open.
  • View content of alerts from local authorities such as NWS
  • Moon data
  • Visibility
  • Ability to contact developer
  • Better loading screen, now less intrusive on UI
  • Better "Welcome to Atmosphere" screen
  • Locations, other data no longer all uppercase
  • See example of storm tracking in trial before you buy!
  • Much improved animations

Indeed, launching this latest version is significantly faster in load times, nearly instant on our Lumia 1520 and the tweaked graphics extend the Modern design started with 1.0 but provide much more information now, including the awesome storm tracker.

The rest of the features are not bells and whistles, but rather substantial additions that beef up this weather app, especially when compared to the competition.

Atmosphere Weather runs for 99 cents to unlock some advanced features. The update is certainly worth a second look if you passed on it the first time.

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