Some of the scariest stories often involve a kernel of truth, and that's just what gives the latest game to hit the Windows Store, Kholat, its gravitas. Rooted in an eerie, true event called the Dyatlov Pass incident, Kholat taps into atmospheric horror to bring the scares as you explore the Ural Mountains in an effort to figure out just what happened to a group of hikers that were found dead in 1959.

Dyatlov Pass incident was a real story that happened in winter of 1959. Nine hikers went for a trip to the northern part of Ural Mountains, which ended fatally. Bodies of expedition's crew were found scattered on slope of Kholat Syakhl.

Russian investigators closed the case stating that "a compelling unknown force" had caused the deaths.

In terms of its art and atmosphere, the game looks like a chilling romp. British actor Sean Bean also narrates the adventure, so that's a bit of sugar on top for fans.

Kholat was originally released in 2015 and is also available for Xbox One. But if you have yet to try it out, you can now grab the game for PC on the Windows Store for $19.99.