Goodbye, Lumia 1520 as AT&T and Microsoft Stores stop selling the aging phablet

Of all the Lumia phones to get a SIM card installed, the Lumia 1520 goes down for me as the longest running device to date. This is saying a lot considering I own pretty much every Lumia made. So with that news, it is sad to note that AT&T and even the Microsoft Store have discontinued selling the esteemed large-screened Windows Phone.

Reports of the Lumia 1520 fading into the sunset have been circulating for months now. Third party retailers have been running low here and overseas, hinting that the Lumia 1520 was getting retired.

Heading to AT&T's (opens in new tab) and the Microsoft Store web (opens in new tab) reveal that only the Lumia 830, Lumia 635, and Lumia 640 XL (coming soon) are listed as available Lumia phones. The HTC One (M8) is also still listed as well.

Announced in October, 2013 during Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, the Lumia 1520 is one of the most enduring Lumias to date, rivaling the Lumia 920 in terms of longevity. The device went on sale in the US through AT&T later in November and even had a mid-release refresh with the minty green variant.

Despite omitting the full 32 GB of internal storage and Qi wireless charging, the Lumia 1520 on AT&T was still their best flagship Lumia for the last year and a half. To date, it is the only Lumia on AT&T to get the Lumia Denim OS upgrade.

The Lumia 1520 can still be found at various retailers, including B&H, who is selling the coveted Lumia 1520.3 version in yellow (opens in new tab). That device runs on AT&T and T-Mobile with LTE, although it comes with a hefty $519 price tag. Still, considering that phone sports a 2.2 GHz quad-core processor, 20 MP PureView camera and a fantastic 6-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display, the Lumia 1520 is still relatively future-proof, even for 2015.

I know my Lumia 1520 will keep being used until a new Windows 10 flagship arrives later this year. Until then, I will keep enjoying it knowing it is one of the best Lumias around.

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  • Nooooooo! but now what?! damn, microsoft /nokia discontinues phones relatively fast, i mean if it is selling good. availability is a real issue these days
  • Exactly. Why stop selling it when there's still nothing newer or better?
  • Maybe something better is coming? Hopefully that is.
  • lets hope for the best, hope a better competetitor, well equipped 
  • Apparently, the L940XL will be substantially more advanced with the new processor, features and also the hardware for the biometirc authentication.  MS is afraid that the new L1520 purchasers will be very unhappy when they find out they have gotten an obsoleted phone only a few months before the L940XL release.
  • I'm looking forward to this new approach by Microsoft. Windows 10, Spartan, the new Lumia line... They might actually get some real respect again. Maybe. :)
  • How long do you have to hope? Seriously!
  • We are not getting younger and growing old waiting for Microsoft is no longer fun. Already telling us about an update in 2016 before releasing the actual product(Windows10). I do believe Microsoft is going to cut it's gaming and hardware to the highest bidders remaining a software corporation. This is the path management seems to be heading. After all, with all those hardware vendors who are partners remaining in hardware may be an unnecessary expenditure and will remove the image of a competitor to it's partners.
  • If I had to guess, MS will sell or outsource their phone hardware business to a third party vendor. Actually, I can course foresee that happening.
  • I hope that's the case.  I was going to pick this phone up this week too.
  • They're not selling, it is that simple.
  • It migh have sold more if it hadn't been an AT&T exclusive. I really wanted one on T-mobile but not with limited functionality.
  • Off course not. At nearly 600 dollars unlocked at MS stores, who'd pay that for a 17 month old phone? Or who would lock themselves to a 2 year contract on a phone that is basically so old that will will grow white hair next year.
  • How many phones out there are better though?
  • There are plenty of flagship devices out there with better specs on the hardware side.  As for Windows Phone alone?  I'd argue that the HTC One M8 (for Windows) is a higher spec'd device.  Only place it falls short on is screen size.  
  • That's what she said. When will people get it - specs don't matter, if ux doesn't keep up!
  • Its selling at 3rd party retailers respectively. I can see ATT cutting it off. They are not putting any money into selling it....It is also 3 years old...or 2 years??...I cant see Microsoft cutting it off until at least until a replacment is announced.   I love MS so I am thinking they have something up their sleeves. With a Flagship soon to be revealed I hope they market their newer phones as well as they have their cloud services like offic365
  • Less than 1.5 years. Available since December 2013.
  • AT&T had stopped caring it. Microsoft was acting as an agent for the AT&T version. That doesn't necessarily mean that they'd fail to offer it to other carriers who want it.
  • Well if they stopped producing it then is difficult to offer to other carriers, which presumably they did when it was launched and in production
  • The article doesn't say the phone is no longer in production. It suggests the AT&T variant (RM-940) is no longer in production, but there are three versions of the phone. Perhaps they're still producing the RM-937 (Asian/European variant) and the RM-938 (central/South American variant).
  • Not really, since the european variant already vanished from almost all big retailers
  • I didn't say that they were still manufacturing sooner variants of the 1520, I said the article didn't say either way. :-)
  • Adios...
  • I feel bad for the users who want a flagship Windows phone. The m8 is all they have to choose from and next to no one wants that.
  • I love my M8...don't hate
  • Exactly, my M8 rocks. Lumias are too cartoonish to mw now.
  • Yeah because a Lumia 925 or 930 looks 'cartoonish' in white/black colours. -_- what a lame comment.
  • And lumias are the windows phones in demand.
  • Lmao nobody is hating. I have the best already(1520). As I said barely anyone has or wants the m8.
  • The Dot View case looks cool. I'd try that phone out if they release it in Canada. I liked the 1520 enough to get an imported one. I wouldn't do that with the M8, but I'd still be interested in trying it out if there was ever a domestic release. Microsoft needs to sell more unlocked handsets direct to consumers, like they did with the 635 and 830. I hope they continue that trend.
  • For a guy who has either lost or never had a remote to any of my devices the M8 was music to my ears... Bought two on launch day even though I had a 1520. Been a few years since I had an HTC phone (Titan was my last one and windows mobile phones before that) but HTC has never disappointed on build quality and this time was no different... Every bit as good as the 1520, a bit nicer looking (imo... Subjective obviously) and with the coveted IR blaster. No Chase bank app is really getting me down and now TVsense is being ditched I favor of some alleged replacement that has yet to make an appearance... Don't care one way or the other if the replacement shows up as they claim but if not I will definitely be ditching WP for (probably) an S6 at least until the next batch of flagships makes an appearance... We really like WP (my wife and I have owned 9 between us since they were released) but no flagship for so long and lose of key apps we use a lot means we might have to make a temporary foray into the world of Android until W10 and the new flagships.
  • The ATIV SE is not too shabby either, though the support is obviously not as good.
  • It depends on opinion. But One M8 with Windows was never available in Europe.
  • Why sell something nobody cares about? Phablets are niche, and hard to convince people to buy... let alone convincing them to buy one for WP :\
  • I doubt they are a niche for textile industry is make pockets big enough to support these larger phones, and the tech industry shows how popular they are. 1520 is the longest running phone of the Lumia series and Microsoft is releasing the 640 XL, Apple has released the iPhone Plus, and Android has several of the larger screen phones. I would have purchased the the 1520 myself but AT&T butchered the phone and still wanted to charge a premium price.
    Sorry for all the screaming but I just HATE what they did to the intended phone that Nokia intended to provide at the time of its release as an exclusive with AT&T(urds) !
  • I had to force att to sell me my 32gb 1520s they kept trying to get me to buy a s5 and a tablet instead, so I told em eff em and went online and order from att despite the store saying none available at all
  • Ha ha ha!  My experience was similar to yours.    Jumping from a iPhone to a 1520 was the best decision I've ever made.  They (AT&T and Microsoft) didn't make it easy!  Cancelled my pre-order.  Said none were available.  Crazy easy to buy any Samsung for nothing.  Hard to believe I've had my 1520 for a year and a half already.  Cyan was appreciated, but the Denim update has really been well received with is quite good.   This is the first phone that I've been able to use the camera enough NOT to need a standard point & shoot for work and pleasure outings.  Not to mention real Office and the screen size ='s a real work horse!  The microSD card slot is wonderful.    Now that I know they are moving onto something else, I will clutch my 1520 a little bit closer.  Looking forward to see what will replace it later this year.  Will be first in line to buy.  Might have to buy another 1520 for work though.  Gotta have a backup! 
  • The reason that L1520 is enduring is because the absence of L930 at AT&T.  Most L920 users will jump on L930 instead, me included.  The US WP sales is pathetic due to the carrier exclusivity.  Sad!
  • BS. I owned the Icon for two weeks before selling it and going back to the 1520. The Icon's design is bland and it had some serious overheating issues.
  • Then what's with all the iPhone 6+ and Notes out there in public? At least around here demand seems high from what people are carrying around.  People used to think my 1520 was huge.  Now they think it's a 6+ or Note and think nothing of the size.
  • iirc its size is still second only to the xperia z ultra
  • I had (and have) the 1520, but I don't use it because it's too big. If I can't bend at the waist and kneel down to tie my shoe laces, then it's not going to work for me. I went out and got a Note 4. Awesome device. Miss Windows Phone OS... :(
  • Yeah I miss windows is too. I'm on the Note 4 also Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "nobody"? Speaking for yourself obviously..
  • Fine "practically nobody". In terms of phablet market-share on the WP platform which shows consistently that they are the least popular models. Even on Android they're still considered niche.
  • If you want something nice and high end, Windows Phone is not the place to be. We are loaded with starter phones though.
  • I've been completely pleased with my 1520 experience starting back in November 2013..  In late 2013 Apple still didn't have a large, high end phone.  The updates to Cyan and most recently Denim (and soon 10) have allowed it to relatively keep pace IMO.  That's uncommon in this marketplace.  I would of had a 5, 5S, 6plus by now!   
  • This thing had issues. It needed to be discontinued. The touch screen epidemic was horrible. I went through 3 before I have up on it.
  • Yes, it has big swipe / touch bug which is probably some hardware issue!
  • they dinn stop support ... just not selling ... you will get win10 update
  • I assumed they didn't sell well. I got a red one at launch, and a few days ago I dropped it and the screen cracked. I had insurance, but I couldn't get a new red one because they no longer stocked them. My only choice was white. :(
    Either way, the white one they sent me was brand new and was also a launch edition. Not a good sign. Nope nope nope...
  • 'Launch edition' like from the initial batches? In 2015? Yikes.
  • How high did you drop it from?. I've dropped mine from waist height a few times and another few while on the bathroom into concrete and mine is completely fine apart from a little dying on the corner and some light scratches.
  • Yes, launch edition as in the first batch.  Maybe it was just the color was not popular.  I surely didnt want a white one...but I've got one now.  As for how high, it was waist level, but it was where it landed.  It hit the side of my car and went sliding across the rocky pavement.  It has a deep gash right in the middle of the screen.  :( Also, this new white one has the ghost tap issue much worse than my red one.
  • A friend of mine had a 1020 w/ insurance.  When he broke the screen in February (refuses to use a case, gets drunk at concerts...) they replaced it with a 1520.  Unless you are obsessed with the 1020 camera, he got a better phone IMO. 
  • It's a fucking great phone.. I love mine..
  • They discontinue selling without a successor!? MICROSOFT DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO BUSINESS!?
  • Lumia 930 can also be considered it's same as 1520 except screen size
  • Not quite, the microsd expansion is missing, which makess a huge diff
  • 1. I know many here like to believe a Lumia 930 is just smaller and identical to the 1520, but that is simply not the case. 2. 930 is still not a successor to the 1520. They are both running hardware that is pretty dated by today's standards for a flagship. Arguably - yes, we don't need more than what the 930/1520 offer, but it's just the way the market is moving and Microsoft is not keeping up
  • Except it is crippled on AT&T. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ON att in the US the 1520 is the only option. they dont sel lthe 930
  • Silly isn't it.  Dear Microsoft phone management...don't hog tie yourself to a single carrier.  Regards, The buying public! (Said as a longtime AT&T customer)
  • And, battery life, expandable memory
  • Switched from the 930 to the 1520 BECAUSE of the battery life. Couldn't get 6 hours out of the 930, but I could get through more than a day from the 1520... Same usage, I swear! 
  • I fully agree. I used 1520 and then switched to Lumia icon. Icon worse in every respect: Aweful battery life, no SD card slot, no glance and double tap, higher resolution but useless, it just burns battery. Icon is worst Lumia ever for price. Switched to 822, a bit slow but still better than icon. (not a fan of cell camera).
  • Phablets like the 1520 just have inherently more space for batteries.  3400!  Reason #100 why they are workhorses IMO. 
  • Sigh
  • Nokia has nothing to do with this.
  • Dude calm down. The Lumia 640XL to the rescue
  • Ebay is your friend. I purchased a very lightly used on, the Black AT&T 32GB model, with a nice Belkin case for $260usd shipped a few months back. Fitted it with a 128GB SD. Quad Core Krait at 2.26Ghz, w/ 2GB of RAM, 160GB of storage, 1080p display, 5.1 audio recording, what's that about it being 17months old and who cares? I can't imagine replacing this device anytime soon (unless it breaks). It is such an incredible phone. I imagine the availble stock on EBAY will increase in price.
  • Can 1520 use 64gb sd card?
  • People have been saying that the 1520 has been losing popularity for a while, I agree but its only happened since AT&T nerfed the phone and ticked people off. I bought my wife the 1020 because of the camera and thought it would be just as good a phone but just smaller... WRONG. They put that awesome camera in there then didnt allow you to have a microSD card to store the pictures, nor did they allow you wireless screen projecting to show off your pictures. The 1520 the way it was originally setup by Nokia was awesome and I still dont think I have seen its match. Its sad to me, because my 1520 is awesome, still not paid off quite yet, does more for me than any other phone I have ever had, yet seems like it isnt going to recieve support, maybe not even windows 10 (which would be a tragedy). It's disheartening because we buy the "Flagship" model assuming it will be supported longer than other models just to be swept aside not long after. :(
  • #sad
  • Isn't 930 an option for poor folks on AT&T? Super sad.
  • The 930 isn't sold in the US and doesn't have the proper LTE bands for any US carrier. The equivalent is the Icon but that's exclusive to Verizon.
  • And unfortunately Verizon has discontinued the Icon...
  • The Icon is still available on Amazon and Microsoft online. It appears to be restocked on Amazon.
  • It's an option, just not a good one as it doesn't support any American LTE frequencies. It's fine in Canada as band 7 (BRS, 2600MHz) is supported by several carriers here, but the U.S. doesn't have that band. Sprint is the only one with that spectrum in the U.S., and they're in their own little universe when it comes to standards. Mind you, the 930 is too small for us phablet lovers. I can't wait for the dual-SIM LTE 640 XL. :D
  • Mass, help me gave me a metro pcs android. I hate the fucker. Do you know which WP, if any, I can pop the sim out of the pcs phone and put into a WP that will work with metro pcs....again, I hate that fuckin android whacked, ass backward, piece of warmed over dogshit of a any advice is appreciated.
  • Blu hd Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There are two versions of the Blu Win HD. You need to make sure you're getting, if memory serves, the "U" model. The one that's supports AWS, at any rate.
  • I need a bit more info. Are you hoping for new? Used? Midrange? Low-end? High-end? There are dozens of potentially appropriate handsets. :-)
  • I have a 1520. I love my 1520. I love it more than my family sometimes, she complains less.
    That being said, I'd be happy with a midrange I suppose. In other words, money is not an obstacle, I will keep the phone if I quit, being that I just want to swap sim. I have two MS stores near me so I have the option of going there to pick one up. I just want a model that will work with metro pcs.
    Definitely midrange, if not a bit better because I run a college and get inundated with text and email. Therefore the device is heavily used, Office is a blessing, etc. Help...this LG is ...well I explained that. I can't even answer a call in time so I've been diverting to my personal, but I should not mix the two...the sensitivity and nature of my business, you see..
  • Would a Lumia work? I am thinking about 10 here...I would presume Blu will update to 10, however I don't think any of us know for sure.
  • Despite the ghost tap issue, its the best phone I've ever owned.
  • Yeah I love my 1520. It's comfortable for me and I don't have big hands
  • Yeah same here.
  • Yeah, if it weren't for that, it'd be the perfect phone.
  • Check the specs, 1520 was of the future when it was made. That's what the glorious iphone 6 plus is made of now.
  • Pity the software it launched with was firmly in the past.....
  • Glad to hear I'm not the only 1520 owner with ghost tap feature built into my phone.
  • Yeah same here lol.. That sucks, but I love the phone.
  • Yeah same here a black at&t version
  • Ghost tap is mostly placebo tho
  • Incorrect. It's very real and highly irritating.
  • I love my 1520, just that phantom touch is annoying.... Looking for replacement but nothing to match or higher with WP:(
  • M8 dude... It rocks. Yes I know we need a even newer flagship but it'll be fall before we get that.. If you need a high end WP now the M8 has you covered.
  • How can the mate have you covered when it has such a crap camera?
  • You cannot be serious.
  • Ghost tap not available on my monster, a year now since I bought it... I am always lucky with my phones, they always come flawless
  • I am getting sick and tired of the ghost tap... I love the phone other than that... There is always some nuance with my lumia phones... 900, 920 1520... the 635 is almost perfect but of course it is budget and lacks the desirables the previous have. I don know how paitently I can wait for another flagship... I am thinking of trading my 1520 for an M8 or something.  I will prob get the XL until a real flagship comes into port.
  • I had that for a good while but since the latest firmware it hasn't shown up at all. The phone is absolutely perfect for me now.
  • Hands down to the best Lumia device ever made.
  • Preach..
  • Glad I have mine!
  • Just spotted one at the AT&T store in the mall last week. They wanted $19 a month for it. The M8 is still in there too for $21 a month.
  • Spotted a few at the MS store in the Galleria(St.Louis) on Saturday.
  • Now.. A new flagship :)
  • They better blow every previous WP ever made out of the water with this new flagship. Every step they take is crucial
  • Farewell 1520 .... It's All Time Best .... Still the best FLAGSHIP .... But MS plz give us 1530/40 model this year .... ^_*
  • Ermmm not it isn't, 920 was and still is the beat WP flagship ever.
  • Lol 920! Best flagship yet has been the 8x by far
  • @Zsxd The 8x felt cheap and fell apart pretty fast. Not sure what you are smoking these days.
  • Yup 920 WAS Awesome Sometime ago but it place was taken by 930, 1020 & 1520 .... ( Now, 920 = mid range)