If you have an unlimited AT&T data package, you'd better watch yourself come October.  AT&T announced today that they will being throttling connections of the top 5% heaviest data users.  The move comes as a measure to "manage exploding demand for mobile data [in a] "country facing a serious wireless spectrum crunch."  AT&T was not specific about what exactly classified someone as being the the top 5%, but they did say that anyone coming close to the mark would receive multiple warnings and a grace period.  Upon completion of the billing cycle, an offenders would be returned to their regular speeds.

AT&T is not the first to take steps to reign in data usage.  T-Mobile began throttling certain customers back in October and Verizon recently move to tiered data plans.  Ma Bell was quick to point out that only a handful of customers would be affected and that they are dealing with the so-called crunch in other ways, "including investing billions in our wireless network this year and working to acquire additional network capacity."  With more and more people switching to smartphones, it makes sense for carriers to manage capacity.  Still, it's still a little tough to swallow, especially when AT&T is doing well enough to buy up one of their largest competitors.

Source: AT&T; Via: PhoneScoop

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