AT&T is sending out e-mail notifications to wireless subscribers in certain markets letting them know that next month their account will be converted to a national billing platform. In the notification AT&T explains how some the change might impact your current account as follows:

  • You will see some slight differences in how charges are displayed on your invoice.
  • You will be assigned a new billing account number. It will appear on your first bill after conversion.
  • You will receive a new payment remittance address (known as a “lockbox”).
  • Your new lockbox address will appear on your first bill after conversion. Accounts Payable information may need to be updated, particularly if you use an automated purchasing system.
  • Your Monthly Service Discount which you receive due to a qualified company affiliation will apply to the monthly service charge of the primary wireless number only. It does not apply for add-a-line plans.
  • If you receive a Monthly Service Discount, it will be applied after all other discounts have been processed.
  • Some features, discounts and promotions may no longer be available after conversion.

The e-mail has a conversation letter code that you can use to reference AT&T's Customer Service Agents to in order to better explain what's going on. Some of the older service rate plans may be modified to bring them in line with current plans.  If you haven't updated/upgraded your AT&T service in a while, it may be best to check with your AT&T representative for more specifics on how this conversion will effect your service plan.

In talking to AT&T, it appears this is an effort to bring billing networks from the Cingular platform in line with the national AT&T billing standards.