We made mention of a homebrew bar code scanner earlier and now AT&T has countered with a code scanner of their own. The AT&T Code Scanner reads QR and Data Matrix barcodes that you find on every day products, in advertisements or online. From there you'll be sent to a web page with product information.

Additional features of the application include:

  • History Menu that allows quick reference to your last 100 scans
  • Customizable personal profile
  • Adjustable sound and vibrate scan settings
  • Auto confirmation button for quicker results.

In a brief test of the application on various items scattered about the house, it scanned the barcodes nicely. The code needs to be well lit and don't use the flash. While the code scanned alright, the website consistently returned the dreaded "Page Not Found" error. We're hoping that this is simply a case where the website end of this application is a little slower going on-line.

AT&T also gives you the ability to create your own personal codes with AT&T Create-a-Code. Creating the codes was simple, straight forward and these scans worked great.  Feel free to give these a try and see where it sends your browser.

If the AT&T Code Scanner is of interest, you can find it in the Marketplace from your AT&T Windows Phone. For some reason the app isn't located in the AT&T AppCenter but rather the main Market. Simply do a keyword search for "AT&T Code Scanner" and you'll see it.

Thanks goes out to columnbreak for the tip!

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