Brace yourself. The "who's the fastest 3g" battle may be getting new life. AT&T announced the completion of their deployment of High-Speed-Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2 across 3G sites nationwide. It should make the "nations fastest 3G network" even faster.

In addition to the HSPA upgrade, AT&T has started to enhance the network with cell site backhaul connections. Initial deployment of backhaul connections has already started in six U.S. markets (Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami) with the installation scheduled to expand to other cities later this year and into 2011.

"We are focused on providing our customers with the industry's best combination of mobile broadband speed, performance, coverage and available devices," said John Stankey, president and CEO, AT&T Operations. "As we light up new backhaul connections across the country, we're able to deliver a meaningful 3G speed boost for millions of customers who are already using HSPA 7.2-compatible devices. At the same time, we're also looking to the future with these backhaul enhancements, which will support our move to next-generation LTE technology starting in 2011."

The progress AT&T is making in improving their network speeds is good news for customers and will likely give Luke Wilson more ammunition to toss at the competition.


Update:  It looks like our friends over at Android Central are reporting the T-Mobile has also completed similar upgrades to their 3G network.