(Update: We've also posted our Full Review of the Fuze!)

That's right, we have the AT&T Fuze here and are showing it off just a bit. Our initial impression: impressed. The Fuze feels solid, it has a surprising heft for what turns out to be a very small package. Well, small if you don't count the fact that it's about as thick as the AT&T Tilt. Cutting down the width and the height of the device makes a big difference -- though you will have to take our word for it until you can get one in your own hands.

TouchFLO 3D and Opera Mobile both perform much better than they did on the GSM Touch Diamond -- they're about on par with our experience with the Sprint Touch Pro. There's plenty of extra software included in there as well: YouTube, a business card scanner, remote desktop, internet sharing, a bootload of game demos, Jetcet Print, Sprite Backup, a JVM, AT&T GPS, and a few more.

One thing we forgot was coming on the Fuze: Push to Talk. There's a big ol' PTT button on the side (fortunately it can be remapped) next to the volume buttons.

We have lots more to say about the Fuze, on topics ranging from the keyboard (good, but not quite as easy to type on as sliders-past), screen (640x480 FTW), performance (cautiously optimistic), and, well, and everything. We're blocking off our weekend to for this sucker, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, join us after the break for 13ish minutes of Fuze-on-Video goodness and a bootload of photos (including Fuze vs. Tilt and Fuze vs. Diamond)