Lumia 920

The GDR2 update for Windows Phone starting rolling out for a lot of folks earlier this summer. And if you had a Lumia device you’d be getting the Amber update alongside it. Nokia also promised that their handsets would get both updates before the end of September. Depending on where you are, today is the end of September. So where’s the GDR2/Amber update for all those Lumia 920 customers on AT&T?

AT&T has been fairly mum about the status of GDR2/Amber for their Lumia 920 (and 820) handsets. Which has led to an inside joke in the Windows Phone Central community where nearly every blog post has one of you asking about the update.

According to an AT&T representative on their official forums the update will be out in the coming weeks. Vague? Yes. Community manager statement? Yeah, it’s not the most official statement, but it’s all we have right now. The delay in getting the update to AT&T customers has led a few to believe that they’re holding out for GDR3/Bittersweet shimmer and will push out all updates in one big push. Unfortunately, the forum post only mentions GDR2.

AT&T Lumia 920

There you have it folks. GDR2, AT&T, and the Lumia 920 in the coming weeks. By then we might be seeing GDR3 on competing handsets and networks.

Source: AT&T Forums

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