Even though AT&T still has a major hurdles to overcome in their move to buy T-Mobile (Justice Department litigation, customer opposition, litigation from States, etc.) they are still doing their best to pitch this acquisition in a positive light. The latest comes in the form of a leaked internal T-Mobile memo that outlines proper responses to customer questions on the acquisition.

The memo addresses what happens, if the purchase goes through, with T-Mobile customers rate plans and it goes something like this.

Scripted question: "Will my service or bill change due to the AT&T announcement?"

Scripted Answer: "No. While AT&T and T-Mobile have agreed to an acquisition, it will not be finalized for an estimated 12 months. Until that time, T-Mobile customers will not see any significant changes to their current T-Mobile experience as a result of the pending transaction."

The scripted reply continues to say, "If the acquisition is approved AT&T will honor the terms of each T-Mobile customer's contract. T-Mobile customers will be able to keep their rate plans. They will be able to do so for as long as they want to, even when their terms end and the service continues on a month-to-month basis."

This is a nice gesture and the right thing to do but what we don't know is what happens if you decide to upgrade phones? Go from that feature phone to a Windows Phone do you get to go to an AT&T plan? One would suspect if you make the purchase and enjoy the contractual discounts, you'd have to enter a new contract.  A new contract that has AT&T rates and scraps your T-Mobile plans. 

But that's only a guess on our part.

source: tmonews