AT&T HTC Titan

We're still guessing the answer is probably not.

The HTC Titan launched yesterday over at AT&T and it appears supply and shipping headaches are still present.  We tried to order an HTC Titan online and was informed that the Windows Phone was on backorder, not expected to ship for another 5-8 days.

There are about half a dozen AT&T retail stores in my area and all are still waiting to see if the new phones are on the UPS Truck.  One rep noted that the phones were due in stores last Friday but due to a shipping error, were not picked up at the warehouse.

And I don't think it's too far a stretch to expect the Titan to be in stock, even if the release date was on a Sunday, when the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash were launched on a Sunday and there were no reports of supply issues.  Hopefully shipping will catch up with demand over the next few days and we all can sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with a shiny new Windows Phone in our hands.

In the meantime, again, feel free to vent in our comments section and let us know if the Titan has arrived in your neck of the woods.