AT&T has launched a social network/search engine website called Buzz. Not to be mistaken with Google Buzz, AT&T Buzz seems to be a cross between social network and a search engine. It is as if you added a yellow page search engine to Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, AT&T Buzz is integrated with Facebook in that you can access it through your Facebook Account and Buzz posts can be mirrored to Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook Account, you can sign up for a stand alone Buzz Account.

Features of Buzz include:

  • A location based search engine (type in what you're looking for and the city).  Searches can be done base on a business name or service/product.
  • A comments section for businesses plus the ability to make a business your favorite.  This feature is described as a social bookmark for your part of the world, and
  • An "Ask and Answer" feature where you can ask for recommendations on Buzz to get suggestions from your friends (e.g. where's a good plumber?).

Buzz can be accessed via your desktop/laptop computer at as well as your Windows Phone by pointing your mobile browser to AT&T is also looking into developing a standalone Buzz application (similar to Bing Mobile, Facebook Mobile, etc.) for certain mobile OS's.

After spending a short period exploring the website, it looks like an interesting way to find local businesses and get local feedback on who's the best and who to avoid.  Keep in mind that Buzz is still in the Beta stages so glitches and bugs may still be present.

[via: AT&T]

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