We’ve heard about the RM-941, a Nokia device with AT&T bands that just passed through the FCC recently. That device has a WVGA screen with some different bands, making it something of an oddity. Although it sounds an awful lot like a Lumia 520 (or Lumia 521), which lacks such high end comforts.

Persistent leaker @evleaks has now posted a picture with the simple text “It’s coming…” and no other info. The photo shows the back of a fairly plain looking Nokia Lumia phone, but notice how there is no flash? There’s only one Lumia that has that distinct look and it’s the 52x series.

Nokia Lumia 520
The Nokia Lumia 520: Headed for AT&T?

Assuming @evleaks have it right (and they always do), the nation’s biggest carrier is about to make a play for the entry-level market and the ultra-low cost Nokia offering. The Lumia 520 (see our review) lacks a lot of the big  features of its Lumia siblings, but in turn, it makes up for it by having a price tag below $150 (off contract) and solid build quality.

We think Nokia’s low-cost prowess and AT&T’s reach could really help push Windows Phone into the mainstream, competing with all of the cheapo Android devices that have flooded the market as of recent. What do you folks think?

Source: @evleaks; Thanks, milkybuet, for the tip!