This morning AT&T threw open the preorders for the Nokia Lumia 920, which is commanding a super-low $99 price tag on contract in addition to a limited offering of a free wireless charging pad.

What may be of interest to some is the fact that the off-contract, no commitment price (but yes, still locked to AT&T) is just $450. That’s quite fascinating as most had expected the no-commitment price to be north of $599. That is what Best Buy (and eBay) had as the off-contract price and considering the technology on board the Lumia 920 it made sense. Even when some of us applied a 25% off coupon on the eBy preorder our price was knocked down to $450, which at the time seemed like a steal. (Best Buy is price matching AT&T, so keep that in mind if you ordered from them).

That’s good news for those of you who are still on contract but are itching to get the 920 in your hands. Although $450 plus tax is still far from chump change, it’s about $150 less than some of us were banking on.

The other news is that indeed Glossy Yellow is slightly harder to come by in terms of the color offerings. When you head online, the Glossy Yellow option has a ship date of November 12th, adding a 3-day delay to your order. That’s not exactly a travesty though and considering the original AT&T plan didn’t even have some colors available for online purchase, we’ll take that slight postponement.

Source: AT&T

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