Earlier this week we saw Amazon.com run a special one-day sale on the 41 MP Nokia Lumia 1020, reducing the price to just $199. Now, AT&T has followed in their steps and lowered the price from $299 to a much more affordable $199 on contract. Off contract price has also dropped to $609 from the higher $659. All three colors, including matte yellow, matte black and matte white qualify.

It’s not unusual to see carriers drop the price of a phone a few weeks out, though the Lumia 1020 was launched at a seemingly higher than usual price on July 26th. Now, nearly six weeks out and the 1020 has seen its price fall by $100 and it should make the device much more affordable to those who were considering it.  With the price drop on Amazon.com this week, the Lumia 1020 had become a top seller, but has since fallen.

Three weeks ago, AT&T was experimenting with the $199 price range for the Lumia 1020 but only in select markets. Evidently, the price point seemed to work as it has now gone nationwide. 

Will the reduced price attract more customers? It’s unclear at this time though the criticism that the Lumia 1020 is price too high can now be dismissed.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, RellD05, for the tip

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