A few days ago, BGR reported that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 has had a temporary reduction in price to $199 (from $299) in few, select markets. The price drop is certainly significant but the vagueness of the report, which did not name any of markets specifically, was of little help. Plus, there’s no indication that this is going national at the moment, though we suppose at some point the Lumia 1020’s price has to drop.

Now, a reader has sent us an image from an AT&T in Huntsville, Alabama that gives visual proof of the price reduction for the first time. We’ve also learned that Gainesville, Florida is another market where this offer is evidently available. It should be noted that the free camera grip is only after a mail-in-rebate, which is slightly less enticing if you’re less inclined to hit the post office.

In of itself, occasional price drops and regional sales should not be a surprise nor a reflection on sales in general. After all, carriers due test out various offers and discounts to see how it affects purchases of new devices all the time. The question is, how long will it be before the Lumia 1020 gets this price drop across the board? We’d venture to say 90 days seems like a fair guess. That appears to be the “new phone” launch period these days before something else is ready to be featured by a carrier.

While Gainesville, Florida and Huntsville, Alabama are the only two markets out there that we know of with this offer, there could be more. If you know of them you can share that information in comments for other readers.

Thanks, Bob S., for the tip!