Nokia Lumia 1520

Today, the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 hit the store shelves but at the last minute, many received emails last night from AT&T and Microsoft’s Online Store informing them of shipping delays. 

Citing overwhelming demand, pre-orders for the new Windows Phone would not ship as first planned.  When we first reported this, we were not sure how this delay would affect in-store inventory.

Calling around to local AT&T and Microsoft Stores, we have found the Nokia Lumia 1520 inventory being limited to low stock at most locations. Some never received any inventory and once again yellow is the hardest to find, as we reported earlier.

In searching the Lumia 1520 forums, others are reporting similar results.  It seems the best luck in finding a Lumia 1520 has been with AT&T Corporate Stores or the Microsoft Stores.  Hopefully, with the Thanksgiving weekend quickly approaching we'll see available inventory for the Lumia 1520 increase across the board.

If you’ve been able to pick up a Nokia Lumia 1520 at your local AT&T or Microsoft Store, let us know in the comments. Tell us what color you opted for and where you’re located. And if you haven't read our full review, you can find it here.