Lumia 2520

It's going to be quite the busy couple of days next week, particularly around and on November 22nd. Why, you ask? If you've just emerged from the cave of wonders and dreams, the Xbox One will be launching on the day, alongside the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 from Nokia--of course we told you as much a few weeks ago. Nokia has now confirmed pricing and availability for its first Windows 8.1 RT tablet in the US on AT&T.

Should you require reminding, the Lumia 2520 features a 10.1-inch display with full 1080p support (not to mention wide viewing angles and ClearBlack technology). You've then got a 6.7MP camera with Zeiss optics, 4G LTE connectivity, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (2.2GHz Quad Core), and a 8,000mAh battery with "ultra-fast charging" built-in (charges to 80 percent in one hour).

So, when can you pick one up from AT&T? Much like Verizon's Lumia 2520, this tablet will be on sale on November 22nd in AT&T stores, as well as online. The price will set you back $399.99 with a two-year contract agreement. There's a special bundle offer, however. If you take the Lumia 2520 with a Lumia 925, Lumia 1020 or the Lumia 1520, the price comes down to $199.99.

Finally, there's a sweet little deal for those who purchase and activate a Nokia Lumia 2520 between November 22 and January 9. You'll be eligible for a $20 app voucher for the Windows Store. Who's picking one up on the day?

via: Nokia Conversations