AT&T Nokia Lumia 900

There are reports being circulated on the web that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 has sold out of pre-orders. We've received several tips from readers indicating they've received notification that reads along the lines of,

The items in your order are currently out of stock and will be shipped when inventory becomes available. When the items in your order ship, we'll send you an email with the ship tracking number(s).

Before you panic and think that the AT&T warehouse has run out of Lumia 900's remember, the phone is backordered because it hasn't been released yet. As we understand things, because the Lumia 900 hasn't been released yet i.e. stocked on shelves, the system sees the phone as "backordered" or not in stock.  We still are expecting the Lumia 900s to ship within the next few days and for AT&T to have plenty on hand at the retail stores on April 9th (along with the HTC Titan II).

Of course there is always the slight chance that AT&T became so overwhelmed with pre-orders that the supply just isn't there--who knows what the response so far has been to Nokia's latest effort. It's possible, but unless Nokia had a very tight supply we don't really think that has happened yet. Still, we'll keep an eye on this for any further developments.

We've got a discussion going on over in the WPCentral Forums on all this or you can express your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks, everyone, for tipping us on this!