HTC 8X Windows Phone

We know that AT&T will be offering the HTC 8X Windows Phone but a tipster has let it slip that AT&T may be offering the 8X in 8GB and 16GB versions.


The information on the 8GB version came to light in a training session. At first we were thinking the 8GB version was the 8S but AT&T has only announced the availability of the 8X.  It's possible that AT&T will offer two storage size options for the HTC 8X with the 8GB being sold at a lower cost (much like we see with the iPhone).

Could HTC be offering AT&T customers a choice with two version of the 8X? If so, would you jump on the 8GB version of the 8X if the savings were right? Speaking of which, pricing wasn't mentioned on the AT&T HTC 8X tip.

The nice thing about all these rumors is that we don't have too terribly long to wait until everything comes into focus.

Source: Neowin