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In a continuing day of large financial transactions, Ad Age is reporting that AT&T has budgeted nearly $150 million dollars to promote and sell the Nokia Lumia 900 (review).

We've heard before that AT&T is making this their biggest phone launch ever, even dwarfing the iPhone and we reported that Nokia is paying AT&T upwards of $25 million for exclusive employee-use of the flagship Windows Phone. But this figure for advertising really puts into perspective just how big a deal this phone is to Microsoft, AT&T and Nokia.

Of course there is a strategy involved for everyone and for AT&T, that is getting itself away from the iPhone (which is now on two of its competitors here in the U.S.). Whether or not "Rolling Thunder" , Nokia's campaign name for the 900, will pay off remains to be seen. We expect it to be a few months before the "beautifully different" slogan catches on and awareness to increase.

Still, if the numbers by Ad Age are even close to being accurate, then we're in for an exciting few months. At least for now, the Lumia 900 has been the #1 seller on Amazon Wirelss for the last 24-hours under AT&T phones. That's a good sign. And reception for AT&T's first commercial has been fairly positive so far.

Source: Ad Age; via CNet