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AT&T announcing the Lumia 920 tomorrow? Yup.

Rum: 10

Bloomberg just came over the wire with a story citing two sources that AT&T and Nokia plan to unveil the Lumia 920 tomorrow.

Indeed, the story has merit because AT&T is holding a special invite-only event Thursday evening, which will focus on numerous upcoming AT&T phones, not just Windows Phone devices or the Lumia 920.

We only know about this because AT&T has the event annually and yes, we’re going to be there too.

What is not clear is whether or not AT&T will announce availability and pricing for the device. AT&T has been on a kick lately of showing off and announcing numerous high end phones but not giving and specific details. We point to the HTC One X+, One VX and Windows Phone 8X as prime examples.

For that reason, we’re thinking that AT&T will announce and possibly show off the Lumia 920 (in addition to maybe some HTC wares too) but they may not give out that crucial bit of info—hence our earlier post today on rumored dates.

We’ll of course be there and assuming we’re not sworn to secrecy, we’ll bring you all the hands on coverage we can for tomorrow night. Because you deserve it.

Source: Bloomberg; Thanks, Bhavik, for the tip