We've seen the Radar 4G on T-Mobile get a date and now we may, we stress may, have a date for the much coveted Samsung Focus S: October 11th.

Yikes, that's just days away if true. The date comes from InfoTech who is saying that the device will be "released at the CTIA wireless association exhibition on October 11 in San Diego" which is certainly not the craziest thing we've heard. In fact, kicking it off at CTIA makes total sense for Samsung as they can get plenty of press coverage (and yes, we'll have someone there from our Smartphone Experts community there to check it out).

Now, just because Samsung shows off the Focus S at CTIA, we're not sure that means it'll be available for us to buy that day too. So we're more apt to say it gets announced with a release soon thereafter. Either way, we'll be on the ground to cover anything if it happens. But seeing as this bad boy has cleared the FCC already, there really is no reason for AT&T to wait.

Update: We've been tipped that the phone will be available the first week of November in retail. (Thanks, Jason)

Thanks, XboxOmac, for the heads up