We’re here at the AT&T Developer Summit going on right now at CES 2013 where traditionally AT&T would reveal new devices to their lineup (even if just small additions). Unfortunately so far, that does not seem to be the case as they’re just teasing with “you haven’t seen anything yet” for new 2013 phones. That means they’re probably holding off until Mobile World Congress or CTIA in a few weeks...

That’s not to say though AT&T didn’t bring up our bread and butter, Windows Phone. President and CEO of AT&T Ralph de la Vega on stage did tout that the carrier sells more Windows Phones than any other carrier in the world—something for which our readers should know what with their consistent large lineup and ability to grab exclusive devices. They also bragged about their Windows 8 tablet support, noting that they are the only US carrier selling 4G LTE enabled devices.

Of course AT&T this year will have some competition worldwide and here we mean China, whose network is just slightly bigger (a few hundred million or so) meaning that number could shift since the Lumia 920 is reportedly selling well there (assuming they’re in stock).

We’ll be here all day in case there are some AT&T tidbits that are in the works e.g. the Samsung ATIV S. AT&T has a great history with Samsung and we’re getting a tad impatient that the two companies appear to be skipping that impressive device. Hopefully there’s more to come.