I scroll through my news feed pretty darn quickly, so when this image flashed by I found myself frantically scrolling back up -- Whattheheck? Engadget Mobile is similarly shocked:

Whoa, what do we have here? First up, this is the first smartphone (thought not the first phone) we've seen with the new AT&T branding. Second, this is the first partnership of which we're aware between China's Amoi and an American carrier. Third -- and perhaps most importantly -- the QWERTY-equipped Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone evokes the storied "SMT" model series which long ago served up the original AT&T Wireless' SMT5600,

It's Yet Another Qwerty Keyboard Windows Mobile Smartphone, it's Yet Another FCC Leak (that needs a tag of its own, doesn't it?), it's pretty straightforward. When we'll see it, I don't know, but since Cingular/AT&T has the Blackjack already, why would they want to pull sales away from that? Maybe this has better battery life.. or more likely, better margins for AT&T.