They are indeed, according to reports over at everythingQ. Motorola has already spilled the beans on the Q9 Global and we've expected it to hit “Real Soon Now” for a “Real Long Time Now” and been “Real Wrong Now” every time. This time around the rumor is November 1st (i.e. tomorrow), but you'll forgive us if we don't mark that confirmed just yet.

Reports say the official release date will be November 1st

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Over on the Sprint side, BGR is reporting that the Q9C “The C is for corporate” on Sprint may hit on November 23rd, aka Black Friday. It will be identical to the Verizon Q9M “The M is for Media,” except lacking the media interface (see our first look here).

Update: Once again we got burned by naming conventions. It's the Motorola Q9h and yes, you can find them in AT&T stores now. We did - first look coming up in just a bit!