Shouldn't be a shocker if this is true but we've received word from our AT&T double-naught spy that the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum's status has changed to "End of Life". A status reserved for devices no longer carried by the wireless provider or in production by the manufacturer.

We've already seen signs that the HTC Surround is on it's last leg and our tipster notes the HD7S is slated to drift into the sunset as well.

This is likely being caused by the manufacturers shifting production efforts on the new Windows Phone models and AT&T wanting to make room for the new models.  It's likely the case where AT&T will continue to offer these models, they just won't be replenishing the stock room. 

So, how will AT&T's Windows Phone line-up look in a month?  The HTC Titan would replace the HD7S.  The Focus S would replace the Focus.  But what would replace the LG Quantum?  Maybe the Focus Flash or Nokia Sea Ray?  Or is there a new sliding keyboard Windows Phone hiding in the shadows?

Hopefully whatever happens with AT&T's Windows Phone line-up occurs sooner than later and we start seeing the second generation Windows Phones on the shelves soon.

Thanks goes out to our tipster on this!