AT&T has put up a teaser site for the Motorola Q9H. They're really not helping the name confusion by just calling it the "Motorola Q Global" on the site, but I suppose it is a nice way to poke at i's already-released cousin the Motorola Q9M on Verizon (See our First Look Video), which is US-only.

There's no new information on the site (Well, it does claim that there's "Integrated GPS," but let's assume that just a slippery way of saying you can use the built-in TeleNav with a Bluetooth GPS). On the other hand, it really does reenforce for me that the Q9H is very much different from the Q9M - it has more buttons, is more rounded at the top and bottom, and comes will DocsToGo for really real document editing (not the standard, half-baked implementation of Pocket Office). Sure, it lacks the sweet Q9M interface, but I can live with that.

I've been testing the Q9M for awhile now and while I still think it's a big ol' slab, it's also a better phone than the Blackjack or Dash so far. Being an AT&T man, the Q9H just might give the HTC Tilt some competition for pocket space. Maybe.

We were hoping for the August 24th launch, but unless it was launched in secret by ninjas and sold only to their ninja buddies, I'm gonna assume they missed that mark. ETA: unknown.

Also unknown, whether or not the "Mystery Qs" are ever going to amount to anything.

via IntoMobile