AT&T has launched a teaser site for the AT&T Tilt. I suppose you could try to contact your "regional sales manager," but more likely you will just have a wait a little bit longer. Our regional sales manager was mum except to tell us that there is a "regional training meeting" tomorrow for the Tilt, but it's all booked up so we won't be able to put on our favorite AT&T shirt and sneak in.

We were expecting this would hit last week, but we were wrong, wrong, wrong.

There's not a whole lotta new information to write about. It's still going to be the best Windows Mobile device in the US Market. It's still a slider and has a great tilt-up feature. The only new thing I can see is that the numberpad is in a new and unique place and gets fancy silver keys. Let's hope this "Tilt Your World" promo site gets a few more details when it launches. It'll be a little bit longer - maybe even tomorrow.

It's time to change your Point of View ...
Come be part of the 2007 National Launch Tour for AT&T's Tilt!
Contact your Regional Sales Manager to see if you're eligible for this amazing event!

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