AT&T Tilt2 owners are in for a surprise.  A new ROM has surfaced over at Shipped-ROMs that appears to be a Windows Mobile 6.5 update for the Tilt2. On top of the ROM surfacing, over at XDA Developers, a new radio has also surfaced from AT&T (included in the ROM update).

After downloading the 230mb file, I took the plunge and flashed my Tilt2. The ROM is definitely branded AT&T and is likely a pre-release test ROM. AT&T has done this before (with the Fuze) and if the time table stays consistent, we should be seeing an "official" release in a few weeks.

Just skimming the surface of the "leaked" version, it is built on WM 6.5 (build 21887) and is running Sense 2.5. It does have the customary AT&T bloatware and it will be nice when the chef's at XDA can cook something up without all the AT&T junk. Just scratching the surface of the "leaked" ROM it appears to be more responsive and looks very clean. The new radio also has a little more pep to it.

If your comfortable flashing ROMs you can download it here and if you prefer to simply update your radio, you can find it here