AT&T's new video share service isn't available for Windows Mobile... yet. When they announced that they'd be launching it last month, we noticed a little something something. The leaked BlackJack Windows Mobile 6 ROM had a Video Share app built in. Which means two things to us, given the news from Mobility Site that AT&T has finally, officially launched the service:

  • WM6 on Blackjack, 8525, and the Treo 750 should be right around the corner (I think they're planning on releasing all 3 at once) and
  • At least one of those (the Blackjack) will have Video Share.

Now for the bad news - AT&T apparently doesn't trust its bandwidth enough to allow for two way video - it's one way video and two way audio. Oh well. I guess that's the way it has to be since US carriers and phones with front-facing camera get along like vampires and garlic. Not well.

AT&T Video Share enables one-way live streaming-video feeds that can be seen by both parties while they are participating in a two-way voice conversation. Once the parties have initiated a Video Share call, either one can be the one generating the video stream for the other to see.

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