Steve Green over at PocketPC mag says he has the inside scoop on WM6 for the 8525: October 5th. As he says, that's a bummer - it makes hunting for the leaked 8525 WM6 ROM pretty tempting. I still think AT&T plans on releasing Windows Mobile 6 for the Blackjack and the Treo 750 at the same time. That's also a bummer, because I get about one request a day from people asking how to find the Windows Mobile 6 ROM for the Blackjack. My advice is the same bitter pill I've been offering since I gave it a shot: don't. Unlike the 8525 and the Treo 750 ROMs, the Blackjack ROM definitely feels like it's not the final version.

My source in AT&T has said that the official release date for the upcoming Windows Mobile 6 update for the 8525 will be October 5th. This is a huge disappointment for us who have been biting our nails for the release to be in late August or early September.

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