While we don't have any immediate complaints about Bing and finding "stuff", including anything local e.g. businesses, we suppose options are always good. Today, AT&T Interactive (see site), launched their YP Yellow Pages mobile app for Windows Phone 7:

Need a cup of coffee, want to find a good pizza place in town? Like to read reviews before choosing a restaurant? The YP app is your easy-to-use guide for local info near you. Search. Find. And Save Local!

Search Local

  • Search 18MM+ businesses quickly by typing or browsing popular categories including restaurants, bars, hotels, mechanics, dentists, and even AT&T® Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Find businesses faster with predictive text, and quick links to top categories.
  • Location detection pinpoints where you are to automatically deliver nearby search results.
  • Get the scoop from other locals. Access comprehensive business listings including ratings, reviews, business details, open hours, videos or click to the website.

Save Money

  • Browse through great money-saving local deals and redeem directly from your phone*

Personalize & Share

  • Share businesses you find with friends via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.

First impressions? Not too bad actually. We like the 'Metro' theme they went with and while it's a little "busy" in some areas the app actually has a lot of features and info in it, including local "deals". So we recommend giving it a go if you're constantly looking for things in your neighborhood and more so if you travel. It's here in the Marketplace.