AT&T is now switching their telephone directory service, 1-800-YellowPages (that's 1-800-935-5697), to ad-supported instead of cost-per-call. That's a good thing, we suppose, but we are reporting it here mainly to thumb our nose at, well, pretty much anybody not using a Windows Mobile Smartphone. See, we have Live Search, which is a stupendously awesome directory app that only costs whatever your data plan charges - i.e. nothing extra for most folks. Maps, Movies, Gas Prices, Restaurants, you name it.

“But WMExperts,” you say, “Typing in a search while you're driving is incredibly unsafe. Dialing into an ad-supported directory service is a much better idea.” You might be right, except that Live Search does voice recognition too. Oh, and GPS (for free). And you can even get it to do tower triangulation-style location with a little help from Navizon if you don't have GPS pre-loaded.

So, yeah, we still really like Live Search. Yes - someday it might have little ads of its very own, but that day is not here. So quit calling into directory services, start using your smartphone like god intended it.

AT&T has announced that its 1-800-YellowPages directory service is now available free of charge. The service is available on any landline or wireless phone in the United States, and offers directory lookup service for callers

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